Viral: #BarackingAround

In 2012, I wrote "The Gift of a Funny Name Like Obama," an op-ed published in the Chicago Sun-Times on the Sunday of Barack Obama's second inauguration. It's what led to me #BarackingAround and local, national and international press in English and Spanish markets.


Viral: Harry Potter Yoga

In an effort to increase attendance at Isabel Beltran's (my sister) yoga class  in Austin, we created Harry Potter Yoga. The concept garnered worldwide attention (in China, India, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, France, Indonesia) including the actors from the movies and Warner Bros. 


Hoy: El arte de combinar publicidad y redes sociales

Hoy, Chicago Tribune's Spanish language newspaper, profile on my company C1 Revolution.


Food52: An Update on All the Ways Our Company is Tackling Diversity

Last year I made a decision to write more and as a result, became a part of food52's initiative to increase POC voices for the site (I wrote about Dia de los Muertos and learned a lot about my culture along the way). Read all about their progress in 2017.


Sydsvenskan: Därför är "The fast and the furious" en succé

As a Fast and Furious fan, I've written about how the movies are one of the most important franchises of our time, thanks to its multi-racial cast. Sydsvenskan, Sweden's AP press reached out for my thoughts on the 2017 installment. 


PR Daily: Patagonia, REI target administration’s rollback of land protections

Weighing in on brand's actions, in relation to the Trump administration cutting down the size of Utah's national monuments, for PR Daily.


ABC7 Chicago: Social media sabbaticals becoming more common

Discussing the use of social media for client and personal needs.


Levo League: How to Make Your Future Employer Love You on Social Media

Advice on how to make social media work for you in your job search.


NFIB: Lessons In Discipline

Sharing my favorite book with the National Federation of Independent Businesses (spoiler alert it's Rework).