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My main source of income is public relations but I always find time to write about topics I'm interested in (and no, I do not write about clients). Below are samples of my work. Pitch me stories via the contact form. Here's a cheat sheet on how to best pitch me.


Linda Hamilton is still exactly the hero we need (Beware! “Terminator: Dark Fate” spoilers ahead)



How I Handled Wedding Planning With Divorced Parents: There are a lot of extra steps that go into decision-making.

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  • How to Sell a $300 Chocolate Bar

  • Food Directory

    • Cajeta: In the city of Celaya, goat's milk caramel tops everything from ice cream to cereal.

    • Wattleseed: This chocolate-flavored superfood falls from the Australian Acacia bush.

    • The Toleen: Thai red beans and rum combine in a winter warmer inspired by a South American specialty.

    • Mustard Oil: Essential to South Asian cuisine, the flavoring is illegal in some countries.

    • Tonka Beans: A legume so loved, it’s caused a “fever” in France and made Americans break laws.

    • Sugarloaf Pineapple: Devour this rare variety without fear of post-pineapple mouth irritation.

    • La Merengada: This Spanish city gears up for Lent with a massive meringue fight.

    • Mangonada: Slurp this sweet and savory summer treat from a tamarind-and-chili-paste-coated straw.

    • Rolling in the Grits: The South Carolina competition challenges you to trap as much grits on your body as possible.

    • World Custard Pie Throwing Championship: The townspeople of Coxheath have been hurling pies at one another since 1967.


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How Netflix's Increasing use of Foreign Language Content is Helping to Fight Xenophobia: From Narcos to Altered Carbon, the streaming service is finally making moves to cater to a global audience



How La Virgen de Guadalupe Became an Icon: On the anniversary of her first appearance, we look at the evolution of the symbol that has special resonance for Mexican people.




What Lady Killers in Pop Culture Teach Us About Ourselves: Analyzing women in pop culture and the trope, and frequency, of portraying them as a victim. The topic is pegged to Tori Telfer's Lady Killers. 




Taking a Political Stance in Your Bar Can Be Risky, But the Payoff Can Be Well Worth it: Some places find that talking it out is a good thing for staff and patrons alike.



Day of the Dead in a Spread: Dia de los Muertos is a food holiday. Here's how the two are intertwined.



How I Survived A Layoff And Found A New Job In A Matter Of Days: Getting laid-off was a blessing in disguise.




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Style Me Pretty: Archive on trends in weddings, events, livings and style.

Read through various wedding and living topics from experts such as Gail Simmons and Erin Oprea (Carrie Underwood's trainer). 


HuffPost: Archive of articles on cultural topics

Includes the viral "How An Obama Cut-Out Is Helping Me Survive A Trump Presidency"

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PR News: 6 Crisis Communications Tips To Help You Spot Impending Problems

Here are some procedures to build an infrastructure that prepares you to monitor and use social media during crisis communication.


PR Daily: Harry Potter, yoga and beer: A magical PR and marketing spell

A how-to guide on how we made Harry Potter Yoga work worldwide.