I'm the founder of C1 Revolution. Clients hire me because of my expertise in brand reputation and management (you can get a better sense of what that means over at the 'services' page). Brand work includes Portillo's, Four Seasons Mexico City, Bank of America 2017 Chicago Marathon, Flowers for Dreams and more.

Prior to starting C1, I worked on comms teams for Walgreens, DePaul University, MLB's Chicago White Sox and iHeart Media. 

When I'm not working with clients on their communication strategy, I'm working on #theRevolutionaries, an interview series distributed by Entrepreneur, or writing on work, career strategy and other topics I find interesting. 

And last, if you haven't guessed, I love coming up with wild ideas and bringing them to life. Here's two projects I'm particularly proud of: Harry Potter Yoga and #BarackingAround (they went viral within three months of each other).

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